The Sans Souci Group promotes ideas that are ripe for the picking. We acquire, develop and advise on projects and get involved with business ventures that are in tune with our philosophy. Our underlying principles are value generation and economic thinking. Sustainability is the overriding objective, always combined with the highest standards of lifestyle, design and quality. We look far beyond the boundaries of mere corporate action. The Sans Souci Spirit involves networking ideas and people, growing together, and giving people and their projects time and space.

The Sans Souci Group promotes the revitalisation of historical buildings and the reawakening of design icons, while focussing on value creation and sustainability. We breathe life into forgotten buildings and promote visionary ideas that are ahead of the curve. We work closely with the best people in their field, such as internationally acclaimed designers, project developers, architects, artists and artisans, and we undertake projects with other companies in our line of business.

Objectives are dreams that we convert into plans; then we set to work making them a reality.“
– Zig Ziglar